SCO 815
All Rabbit’s Friends and Relations
Stampfli, 2015
Women’s 1st VIII (Donated by Prof. David Morris)
SCO 801
Beginning the Hunt
Hudson, 2011
Men’s 1st VIII (bought Jan12, ‘pre-used’)
SCO 805
Tony Hancox
Janousek, 2005 (refurbished 2013)
Men’s 2nd VIII
SCO 806
Sir Glyn Jones
Janousek, 2005 (refurbished 2013)
Women’s 2nd VIII
SCO 803
Catz 22
Janousek, 2005
Men’s 3rd VIII
SCO 804
Catz Me If You Can
Janousek, 2005
Women’s 3rd VIII

Coxed Fours
SCO 406
Tom Agutter
Sims, 200?
General use heavyweight four
(bought 2nd hand from Peterborough RC, 2006)
SCO 496
Janousek, 1996
General use

SCO 297
Tiddley Pom
Janousek, 1997
General use


SCO 108
One of the Fiercer Animals
Janousek, 2008
General use single (donated new by Mark Walker)

SCO 103
Win, 2003
Women’s/lightweight single
(donated by Katharine Pierce, 2008)

SCO 196
Time for a Little Something
Janousek, 1996
Privately owned (A. Dudhia)

Ex-SCCBC boats

Alan Bullock (Sims, 2005)
Women’s 1st boat – sold to Oxford Academicals, 2015

Hostile Intent (Sims, 2005)
Men’s 1st boat – written off after a collision with a rowing boat,
summer 2011

Very Little Brain (Burgashell 1x, 1986)
Originally owned by A Dudhia, donated to SCCBC in 1996 and in 2010
donated to Hinksey Sculling School

Alan Bullock (Janousek 8, 2005)
Women’s 1st boat – lost in the fire

Whisper Who Dares (Janousek 8, 1999)
Men’s 1st boat – lost in the fire

What Tiggers Like Best (Janousek 8, 1997)

Women’s 2nd boat – lost in the fire

Surrounded By Water (Janousek 8, 1994)

Men’s 2nd boat – lost in the fire

Tigger (Janousek 8, 1993)

Women’s 3rd boat – lost in the fire

The Floating Bear (Aylings 4+, 1991)

General use – sold to Worcester Coll. 2006

Brain of Pooh (Aylings 8, 1988)

Men’s 3rd boat – lost in the fire

Piglet (Carbocraft 8, 1984)

Women’s 4th boat – lost in the fire

Alexander Beetle (Eton 8, 1982)

General use – lost in the fire

Fine Scull (Harris, 1979)

General use – lost in the fire

How Cold My Toes (Salters 8, 1978)

Ritually `trashed’ when the women went Head in Torpids, 2001.

Trespassers W (Salters 8, 1979)

Sold to Mansfield around 1985

V J K Brook (Harris Restricted 4+, 1976)

Borrowed by Ox Poly some time around 1990 and never seen again

Winnie the Pooh (Salters 8, 1970)

Sold to St. Antony’s ? around 1981

James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree (Harris Restricted VIII, 1969)

Now expired

Skimbleshanks (Clinker Scull, 1963)

Sold in 2003

All Rabbits Friends and Relations (Clinker VIII, 1958 )

Sold to St. Hilda’s around 1989

Names used on Private Sculling Boats

Time for a Little Something (Janousek 1x, 1996)

Owned by A. Dudhia