In 1868 the University established a society for non-Collegiate students, members of which in 1874 founded St. Catharine’s Club; from this sprang St. Catharine’s Boat Club (SCBC), in 1875.

In 1919 the Boat Club changed the spelling to St. Catherine, and the precursor to the college became St. Catherine’s Society. The Boat Club thus has the distinction of having given its name to both the old Society and the modern College, after which it became the SCCBC.

On home waters SCCBC first took part in Torpids and Summer Eights in 1876, and produced the first crew to make 7 bumps in the then 6 days of Eights. Fortunes have fluctuated over the years; highlights include 3 crews each making 6 bumps in Eights (1949), and the Women’s 1st VIII achieving headship in Torpids in 2007.

We achieved our first Blue in 1967 and first women Blues in 1976; inclusion in University crews thereafter has been gratifyingly frequent. SCCBC crews have participated in numerous regattas on the Thames and elsewhere, starting with an entry for the Wyfold Cup at Henley in 1883.
International representation began with the Commonwealth Games in 1958, and since 1986 SCCBC men and women have regularly filled places in national crews.

Matthew Pinsent was our first Olympic Gold in 1992

Source: Don Barton