Donations can easily be made through our secure online donation page. Donations of any amount are extremely helpful to us and are used to maintain equipment, pay entry fees and employ coaching staff.


List of major Donors to the Boathouse Fund

Arnold G.P
Barton D.
Bell J.W.
Bigger J.R.K.
Bowles I.M.
Downing A.P.
Dudhia A.
Hancox A.C.
Heald B.H.
Henderson N.J.
Hernadez D.A.
Horsecroft R.C.
Hunt D.L.C.
Martin I.M
Mitchell B.E.
Parker-Jeeves E.C.
Peters R.B.
Pinder C.C.
Robson I.A.
Rogers J.F.
Seargeant J.N.H.
Spedding S.P.
Studholme P.S.
Sylvester B.F.Jr.
Talbot C.R.S.
Turnbull J.D.
Zissell C.J.


List of Major Donors (Currently being collated and updated)

Mark Walker (Janousek 1x)

Katharine Pierce (Win 1x)

Prof. David Morris (Stampfli 8+)